About us

The Clergy Team for The Parish of the Divine Compassion are as follows:



Bro Philip Bartholomew SSF

Assistant Priest
Email: brphilip.divinecompassion@gmail.com
Mob: 07961 509 119


Fr Christopher Oladuji
Assistant Priest
Mob: 07985 465 401


Revd Faith Wakeling TSSF
Associate Priest
Email: faithwakeling@gmail.com
Mob: 07837 968 967

The staff that helps to run the Parish of the Divine Compassion are;

Mr Malcolm Benson and Miss Josephine Mukanjira                Parish Wardens

Church Wardens;

Mr Olu Ogunyimika and Mr Olusegun Ogunyimika           St Mary’s Church
Mr Sammy Odutayo and Mr Henry Halsey                           St Matthias’ Church
Mr Bernard Johnson                                                                  St Philip and St James’ Church
Mr Martin Ebose                                                                        St Martin’s Church

Mr Peter Davison                                                                    Authorised Local Preacher
Parish Treasurer

Mrs Debbie Vialls                                                                    Parochial Church Council Secretary and  Electoral Roll Officer