Community outreach

Mums and Toddlers Group

Parents or carers and their children are welcome to join us at
St Philip’s church every Friday morning between 9:00am and 11:00am.
We have a play area and snacks, and a short informal service at 10:00am.
For more information contact Fr Martin
Email: Mobile: 07460 257 103

Elderly Support Group

A support group for the elderly is held at St Martin’s church on the first Tuesday
of each month at 11:00am for one hour. For more information please contact
Revd. Faith Email: Mobile: 07837968967

Drop-In – New Martin Centre


The Drop-In started on 19th October 2012 with 8 Guests.
Since then it has built up to an average of thirty guests a week,
with a mixed clientele of homeless people.
Vegetable soup is prepared by the volunteers,
supplemented by donated sandwiches,
baguettes from EAT and Prêt a Manger. The Drop-In is also well supported
by volunteers from the Parish including people who attend the Sunday
evening Lithuanian service (around 10 each week). The Parish also contributes
by way of donating dry goods, second-hand clothing and other essential items.
The Drop-In runs from 11:00 am to 2:00pm every Friday with breaks for Christmas,
Easter and during August and the early part of September.
We are developing additional activities after lunch,
such as Quiz, and recently a short Bible Study. In addition an ESOL
(English Spoken as Other Language) class has been generated from these contacts.
There are currently over 30 people on the register.
The class is run in St Martin’s church on Sunday
afternoons by the Renewal Programme, whose Director advised the Parish
on setting up the Drop In.
The class is run in conjunction with the Drop-In and the Lithuanian Eucharist.
The Drop-in and the ESOL class enable parishioners to live their faith out in action.

Helping Hands


Helping Hands is based at 42 Balaam Street, next to Balaam Leisure Centre – as you come from
St. Philip’s Church, straight across from Whitwell Road.
Our phone contact is 0207 474 1122, email:
Our office is open Monday-Friday 9:00am -5:00pm, and we are available at most times outside those hours.
Please feel welcome to contact us and to visit.
The house (named after the founding Franciscan brothers, The House of The Divine Compassion)
is home to people who have nowhere to stay and no means of support.
We make a shared and supportive life together.
We welcome visitors during office hours to enjoy being together,
to relax in the garden, and pray together.
The Eucharist is celebrated Monday-Friday, at 12:00pm.
Night Prayer is said every evening at 8pm. Please feel free to join us.
Our volunteers visit neighbours in need around the borough, offering help with practical tasks, and befriending.
Time and a listening ear is often the most precious gift we can share.
We are delighted to be part of the parish of Divine Compassion. Please be part of us!